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Bloomington-Normal, Illinois
Normal LIVE presents Inktrail @ Connie Link Amphitheatre

Normal LIVE presents Inktrail @ Connie Link Amphitheatre

Date & Time
Thursday, August 22, 2024
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
621 S. Linden St. , Normal, Illinois
About the artist:
Inktrail is an instrumental trio from Central Illinois consisting of Ryan Nolan (Bass), John Ganser (Drums) and Tommy O’Donnell (Guitar). Simply put – their music spans Jazz, Rock, Experimental and Punk with a heavy dose of improvisation. Each band member is involved with a long list of other original musical projects that range from DJ work, production, classic country, jazz, rock and alternative. These other musical endeavors inform Inkrail’s overall approach. Their debut record is expected soon, and their dedication to writing material that is truly unique has been their overall goal. Ganser and O’Donnell have spent countless hours on stage and in the studio together in 1990’s era stalwart alternative bands – the Something Brothers and the Spelunkers. Ryan Nolan is a walking encyclopedia of music and also spends time in the dynamic instrumental band – Disorganizer. Soaring guitar melodies, succinct and unique rhythm playing and a wide berth for improvisation is where Inktrail likes to live.
Connie Link Amphitheatre is a beautiful and unique performance venue that offers FREE or low cost entertainment for the whole family! Bring your lawn chairs or blankets, kick back, relax and let us take care of you! Concessions, such as soda/water, popcorn, candy, and frozen desserts will be available for $2.00 each!
Connie Link is easily accessible from the Constitution Trail and has many options for parking:
621 and 611 S. Linden- Connie Link Amphitheatre and Park Maintenance Facility
900 S. Linden St.- Underwood Park, Brander Shelter Lot
200 Jersey Avenue- Underwood Park , South Lot
100 East Phoenix Avenue- City Hall Annex, Parkinson St. Lot

About Normal LIVE:
Normal LIVE is a series of live music and performing arts programming produced by the Town of Normal Cultural Arts Department. All programs are subject to change including cancellation due to weather.

For the latest information, visit the Normal LIVE website at or follow Normal LIVE on Facebook