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Bloomington-Normal, Illinois
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Jim Markum Swing Band – LIVE @ Connie Link Amphitheatre

Date & Time
Friday, September 22, 2023
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
621 S. Linden St. , Normal, Illinois
The Jim Markum Swing Band is a 10 piece group that features very talented musicians on every part. Though small by “big band” standards, this band packs a HUGE punch! From screamin’ brass to wailin’ saxes, jammin rhythms to drippin’ ballads, this band has it all. Featuring Jim Markum on lead trumpet, their signature sound includes those screamin’ high notes that other bands can only dream about.

From golden oldies of the Big Band Era to the modern sounds of pop, jump, swing and blues the Jim Markum Swing Band will get you “In The Mood”.

Says Jim Markum, “I wanted to put together a band that would be something different from all the other bands out there”. In February of 2000, I formed the Jim Markum Swing Band.

We bring excitement to all of our performances. We can give you quiet cocktail-hour style music, ballroom dance music or an all out screamer and everything inbetween. While many of our tunes are familiar arrangements loved by everyone, we have quite a few updated versions of swing classics.

The band has been showcased throughout the area from Dancing Under The Stars, the famous Hub Ballroom, Taste of Peoria and Champaign, Pekin Marigold Festival, Morton Pumpkin Festival, Illinois State Fair, summer concerts in the park in Metamora, Kewanee, Wenona and elsewhere including private venues of all sorts from parties, weddings, dances, anniversaries and special occasion/holiday swingdings.