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Children's Opera: "Treble Trouble"

Children’s Opera: “Treble Trouble”

Date & Time
Saturday, May 11, 2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
206 W College Ave, Normal, Illinois, 61761
AGES: 4-13
LENGTH: approximately 45 minutes

This original children’s opera is the perfect introduction to the world of opera and classical music. Presented in a fun, entertaining, and age-appropriate way, “Treble Trouble” introduces the concepts of night sky constellations, as well as musical concepts such as the treble clef and how notes work. The story is presented by taking classical opera arias and changing the lyrics to tell the story. At its heart, “Treble Trouble” explores the ways music belongs to everyone, how we’re braver than we think, and the fact that anyone can step up and do the right thing. Most appropriate for children aged 4-13.

The “Treble Trouble” story: Heads up, Land of Melodia! Count Sticky Fingers is planning to steal all your notes and feed them into the Music Munching Machine! And those notes include the magic Star Notes that must be hung and sung in the palace courtyard each night as the moon rises. That ritual is the only protection Melodians have from the Petrification Curse, which has begun to leak out anyway. Just look over there! Queen Adagio’s legs are turning to stone! It’s up to you, Princess Poco. Can you recapture the notes and reverse the curse before it’s too late?