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Bloomington-Normal, Illinois
Champion Choices: Your Playbook to College Athletics

Champion Choices: Your Playbook to College Athletics

Date & Time
Sunday, May 19, 2024
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
501 N. Parkside Rd., Normal, IL, 61761
This 3-hour workshop empowers high school student-athletes and their families with the essential knowledge, tools and resources to successfully navigate the challenging process of securing and maintaining college academics and athletics. By attending, families will gain the insights needed to identify the right college choice that aligns with the student’s athletic and academic goals.

Our mission is to cultivate confidence, self-advocacy, and a strong voice within student-athletes as they pursue opportunities to compete at the college level.
This event is tailored for high school student-athletes who aspire to compete at the college level. It provides a comprehensive roadmap to navigate college academics, the athletic recruiting process, and transition into college.

The workshop is also tailored for parents of high school student-athletes, offering a simplified, holistic approach to the breakdown of the college recruiting process, academic success, and the preparedness for stepping onto campus. Equipping parents with this important knowledge enables them to add to their own support system while encouraging their student-athlete through this process.

We will share stories of successes, challenges and pitfalls in order to help our families understand the best approach and the vast possibilities for navigating an athlete’s dream of playing college sports.

Be prepared for an engaging, powerful, and empowering workshop where you gain valuable insights, tools, resources, and knowledge to tackle this process successfully!

WHO: Parents and student athletes from 8th-12th grades
WHEN: May 19, 2024
WHERE: Normal West Community HS (501 N Parkside Rd., Normal, IL 61761)
TIME: 12:00 – 3:00pm CST
COST: $30/person (Concessions and light snacks available)
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Understand the recruiting process and learn proven strategies from expert coaches, advisors, and academic advocates.
Learn insider strategies on how to market yourself, get on coaches’ radars, and maximize your chance of earning a roster spot.
Identify the ideal college program based on your academic and athletic goals.
Understand the transition from high school to college and equip yourself with the strategies to deal with the pitfalls of that first year.
Recognize the emotional challenges of transitioning from home to college athletics, and get ready for the upcoming changes.
Discover how parents can help their student athletes navigate the college expectations and engage with confidence.

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