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Welcome to Bloomington-Normal!

Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

Discover Route 66



Discover Route 66

Route 66 in Illinois, affectionately known as the “Mother Road,” weaves a captivating tapestry of history, attractions, and scenic wonders. Established in 1926, this iconic highway played a pivotal role in connecting rural towns and urban centers, providing a lifeline for travelers and a catalyst for economic growth.

Today, Route 66 in Illinois remains a beloved symbol of American road culture, offering a plethora of attractions that range from charming diners and vintage motels to quirky roadside curiosities. As the year 2026 approaches, anticipation builds for the centennial celebration of this legendary highway, promising a series of festivities, exhibitions, and events that will pay homage to the enduring spirit of Route 66 and its enduring place in American folklore.

Ready to explore?

Take a dive into our interactive map below to scroll along Route 66 and the different Visitors Bureaus along each location. By clicking or hovering over each destination dot, you’ll get a quick preview of each location and a direct link to each area’s Visitors Bureau for a list of sights and activities!