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It’s Handmade, Homemade & Locally Made. It’s Illinois Made!

Unveiling Illinois Craftsmanship: A Journey Through the Illinois Makers Program

In the heart of America lies a state whose rich history and diverse landscapes have given rise to a unique variety of local craftsmanship. The Illinois Makers program is a celebration of the talented artisans and small businesses that contribute to the vibrant and distinct culture of the Land of Lincoln. Each crafted item not only embodies the skill and dedication of its creators but also carries with it a little bit of the place and the people that make it. Let’s embark on a journey to explore some of the gems within the Illinois Makers program right here in the Bloomington-Normal area.

Funks Grove Maple Sirup: Nestled in the scenic Funks Grove, this family-owned maple sirup business has been tapping into the rich tradition of producing pure, handcrafted maple syrup for over a century. The Funks Grove Maple Sirup is a testament to the dedication of the Funks family, whose commitment to quality and authenticity has made their syrup a staple in Illinois households. Each bottle captures the essence of the sprawling maple groves and the generations of expertise passed down through the years.

5257 Old Route 66 Shirley, IL 61772

+1 309-874-3360 


Ropp Jersey Cheese Farm: Situated in the heart of Illinois’ countryside, Ropp Jersey Cheese Farm is a haven for cheese enthusiasts. This family-owned farm has been crafting artisanal cheeses for decades, utilizing the rich milk from their own Jersey cows. The result is a range of cheeses that reflect the taste of the region, each wheel telling a story of the farm’s commitment to sustainability and traditional cheese-making techniques.

Epiphany Farms Restaurant: For a taste of farm-to-table excellence, Epiphany Farms Restaurant is a true Illinois gem. This establishment embraces the concept of sustainability by sourcing ingredients directly from their local farm, Epiphany Farms. The restaurant not only offers a delectable culinary experience but also showcases the agricultural diversity of the region. Each dish served is a testament to the close relationship between the land, the farmers, and the chefs.

220 E Front Street, Bloomington

+1 309-828-2323 


DESTIHL: Illinois is not only a haven for food enthusiasts but also for craft beer aficionados. Enter DESTIHL, a brewery that has mastered the art of blending innovation with tradition. With a commitment to unique flavors and brewing techniques, DESTIHL’s beers reflect the spirit of Illinois. From hoppy ales to rich stouts, each bottle encapsulates the creativity and passion of the brewers.

1200 Greenbriar Drive, Normal


Rader Family Farms: Venture into the heartland of Illinois, and you’ll find Rader Family Farms, a picturesque destination that goes beyond the typical pumpkin patch. This family-owned farm is a hub of seasonal activities, offering everything from spring baby animal days to fall corn mazes and pumpkin picking and everything in between. The Rader Family Farms experience is a true embodiment of the warmth and community spirit found in Illinois, creating lasting memories for families and visitors alike.

1312 Ropp Road, Normal

+1 309-454-6880


Edge of Normal Workshop: As we round off our journey through Illinois Makers, let’s not forget the skilled artisans at the Edge of Normal Workshop. This workshop brings together a community of metalworkers who handcraft unique, custom pieces that blend functionality with artistic flair. Each creation is a manifestation of the craftsmanship and creativity that defines Illinoisan style. 301 W Beaufort Street, Normal

+1 309-830-2847


The Illinois Makers program shines a spotlight on the extraordinary talents of local artisans and small businesses, showcasing the diverse range of products that carry the essence of Illinois. These makers contribute to the rich cultural of handmade & homemade that makes Illinois a truly amazing state. So, the next time you come across an Illinois-made product, remember that it’s not just an item; it’s a piece of the Bloomington-Normal area, crafted with pride, passion, and a touch of Illinoisan magic.

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