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Welcome to Bloomington-Normal!

Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

Bloomington Tennis & Turf

With the only 36' court (we call it the mini-court or kids-court) in Central Illinois for ages 3-8 to train on and get their start into tennis with the USTA's new red-ball training, BTC is really wanting to make a push to get as many kids started playing tennis at the young ages, and make it as affordable as possible.  Besides the "mini-court", there are 6 more regulation courts, all lined with the 60' orange ball training lines.  BTC features LED lights, air-conditioning for optimal play in hot summer conditions, and wi-fi throughout the building.

BTC will offer several clinics for adults that will focus on parts of your game that you want to improve.  BTC will also have ladder play for adults which will culminate in a club championship in the spring.  More competitive match play and more singles court time will lead to better tennis players in Bloomington/Normal.

4101 Wicker Road
  • Bloomington Tennis & Turf