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Children's Opera "Panic in the Barnyard"

Children’s Opera “Panic in the Barnyard”

Date & Time
Friday, May 12, 2023
12:00 am
300 E Beecher St, Bloomington, IL, 61701
Four animal friends keep the barnyard humming every happy minute of every happy day. Life is good for these stick-together pals. Well, except for that one thing. The Wicked Weasler is skulking around outside the picket fence with – GASP! – barnyard gumbo on his mind. His plan is to break up these tightknit pals so he can pick them off, one by one. He begins by spreading rumors and lies. Sure enough, before long the sheep mistrusts the goat, the duck goes rogue, and the pig packs his bags. When it’s just almost completely too late, the barnyard animals realize they were safer, stronger, and happier together, as a team of friends. Can they find their way back before it’s too late? Maybe, maybe not. Watch out! The fire is lit, and the pot is boiling.

At its heart, this operatic romp explores knowing what to believe, telling the truth even when it’s hard, and how we are stronger together. All the songs are set to music from well-known classic operas, such Rigoletto, Pirates of Penzance, and Cosi Fan Tutti; but the lyrics have been changed to reflect the storyline and to ensure they are relatable to our audience. Audience members are prompted to participate in this fun, fast-paced, heartfelt, and gloriously musical story.

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